Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Today during lunch my English teacher from last year came to visit the school. Mine was the last class she taught because she quit. Me and many of my friends run over to her and we are all ecstatic to see her since she is such an amazing teacher. One of my guy friends hugged her and made conversation with her for a little while then walked off to go eat his lunch. I had forgotten that he had seen her, so I asked him if he had. He told me: "Yeah, I hate that b****." I was so stunned because over the years she was our teacher she was tough, but still a good teacher. What was the worst part of the whole situation was that he actually hugged and talked to her! Why would he even bother? Some people are so fake, it's ridiculous. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Yellow Feather

A few days ago I was sitting outside the mall on a bench. People didn't really pay much attention to me, so it was   a good way to watch. A young woman with a bright yellow feather in her hair, matching yellow pants, a green top and sandals was with her four friends. Curious to see what this was about, I followed them around for a bit. Her friends were always laughing, smiling and talking; feather woman never spoke a word. After about five minutes, I was entertaining the thought that she could be mute. I followed them (discreetly of coarse) for about forty five minutes. In that time she spoke maybe four times and I found that so misleading. This woman looked so out there I had to follow her around a mall for almost an hour! She was shy, withdrawn and quiet. We aren't what we seem are we?
Everyone is different, and I like finding how people are different. Not just in what they wear and where they go to hang out, but how they act around people and seeing how they react to different situations. This page is just going to be me talking about my opinions about people. Feel free to ask anything